December 2022

Christmas Price Slash on the Ambiance 2.0 Apartments

Enjoy up to N2 Million ember promo price slash on all units at Ambiance 2.0 There's no better joy than purchasing a luxury property at a discounted price. Ember Promo Prices 2 Bedroom Terrace + BQ - SALES CLOSED 3 bedroom Terrace Duplex + BQ - N58 Million 3 bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + BQ - N63 Million 4 bedroom Detached Duplex + BQ - N78 Million Don't miss out on this ogbonge...

What can I build on a 300 Square Metre Plot of Land

What is the size of 300 square meters? How much can you build on a half plot (30 feet by 120 feet) or on a 300 square-meter plot of land? This blog post explains what you can do before you purchase a half plot. For most people, 300SQM is more than enough for their dream homes - so why waste money on getting a bigger plot when you don't need them? A 300SQM apartment is not only an economical...

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