What can I build on a 300 Square Metre Plot of Land

What is the size of 300 square meters?

How much can you build on a half plot (30 feet by 120 feet) or on a 300 square-meter plot of land? This blog post explains what you can do before you purchase a half plot.

For most people, 300SQM is more than enough for their dream homes – so why waste money on getting a bigger plot when you don’t need them?

A 300SQM apartment is not only an economical alternative to owning your own home, but it also offers a variety of benefits bordering on cost of acquisition.

In determining which of these options to choose, you should consider your personal preferences, your pocket and the purpose of the building. In my experience, clients have been able to build a lot from 300SQM. A good architect will make the most of your 300SQM space when planning and designing it.

The following are some types of structures you can build on a 300SQM plot and the list is not exhaustive:

4 bedroom detached duplex

3 Bedroom bungalow

3 units of 2 bedroom flats

4 Bedroom Duplex with a Penthouse

3 bedroom luxury duplex

A Wing of 2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex

A Block of Apartments – 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments

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